About Us

Enpac (formerly Sutton Engineering and Sutton Packaging) is a well established family owned New Zealand company. We are respected as a major supplier of packaging, processing, inspection machines and engineering services primarily to the food, beverage and dairy industries in New Zealand and around the world. Our vast packaging and engineering knowledge enables us to provide solutions at optimal cost.
To meet the demand for high quality machines, closures and bottles at competitive prices, we have partnered with internationally known brands.  We also design and locally  manufacture machines, specific to the customer’s unique requirements.

Through our projects, we have gained valuable experience that you can rely on. Our expertise allows us to produce equipment manufactured to a world class standard. One of our core competencies is engineering support and service. Our factory trained  engineering team can help you with machine  maintenance and other service requirements. We have a wealth of  knowledge and industry experience available to assist you.

With a broad skill base, we can offer you the option to rebuild or upgrade existing equipment to accommodate a new packaging format. Whether it is a complex turnkey installation or a single machine purchase, we have an experienced and dedicated team to help you every step of the way. Through our projects, both domestic and international, we have demonstrated a consistently world class reputation for reliability, integrity and expertise.

Enpac also leads the beverage packaging industry in craft beer, cider, energy drinks and juices. We offer a selection of both stock and propriety bottles in a variety of neck finishes as well as ROPP, DROPP closures and crowns. We look forward to discussing your requirements and working with you.