Gold Crown 1280


Our dedication to Packaging spans over two decades. We are committed to supplying the highest quality glass containers and metal closures to the food and beverage industries. This dedication and commitment to quality and service has enabled us to continue supplying packaging solutions to both domestic and international market leaders.

With an experienced Packaging team on hand we provide sales support from product concept through to design and manufacturing.

Specialising in:
  • Proprietary & Stock Glass Bottles
  • Metal Closures- Twist Off
  • Plastic Caps
  • Crown, ROPP and DROPP Closures
  • Technical support and servicing
Pack 1
Standard Crown Colour Range in Stock
Standard colours available now. 

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Pack 2
DROPP, ROPP and Crown Stock 
We supply a variety of standard colour Closures ranging from 26mm-30mm.

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218 x 218
Metal Closures- Twist Off
Standard RUB, RUP, RTP, RTB, RSB, RSP in 30, 38, 43, 48, 53, 58, 63, 70, 82 mm diameter sizes available.
Other sizes and colour options available on request.
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Pack 4
Customised Closures
We are able to print your closure to suit your branding. Available throughout our range.   

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Pack 5
28mm- 43mm Neck Finish
We have a variety of finishes and sizes available to suit your needs.

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Packaging Dividers
4-6 Pack Can / Bottle Handles

Grab, Carry, and Release - Put your product into consumers hands with ease. Easy to apply - Automatic or Manual application. Economic packaging for freight efficiency. We have a variety of finishes, colours and sizes available to suit your needs.

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218 x 218 (4)
Plastic Caps Range
Available in standard 28mm and 38mm diameter.

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Pack 7
Box Dividers
Protect and cradle fragile objects. We can create an insert, divider or partition system to suit your product. Range of standard sizes in stock.
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