Primary Packaging

Bottle Uns 1
Bottle Unscrambler
Stainless steel construction, capable of handling round, cylinders, jars, oval, square and other odd shaped containers.
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Gripper Rinser
Stainless steel construction , suitable for glass,cans and PET. Multi directional water or air sterile rinse. Pneumatic chain tension.
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Gripper Rinser 1
Auger Filler 2 EDITED TO FIT
Auger Filler-  Stainless steel construction, servo driven, PLC controls, split hopper, coloured touch screen, high accuracy fill by weight system.

Multihead weigher- stainless steel construction, 10.4 coloured touch screen, 99 product set  up, weight range up to 5 kg. Available in wash down IP 66 .
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Bottling Line
Automatic machines for carbonated drinks, juices,pharmaceuticals, food etc... 
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Beverage  filler 1
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Semi automatic or automatic machines for  wide variety of products including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, carbonated soft drinks, bottled water/ juices, industrial and household products.
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Form, Fill & Seal
Sachet filler (Horizontal and vertical) and stick pack machine: single lane and multi lane units for powder, granular and liquid, paste products. Servo driven and PLC control.

VFFS: intermittent and continuous motion vertical baggers, for a wide range of powders, granules, liquids and pastry products.
Bag types: pillow, gussetted, block bottom, square, block bottom with euro holes and string bags can be produced.

SUP filler: automatic filling and closing for pre-formed, stand up pouches.

Flow Wrapper: robust construction with servo motors for precise operation. Options of no product no seal and automatic feed system. Covers a wide range of applications; food, household, personal care, frozen  and fresh products etc. 
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Form Fill and Seal 1
Butter wrapper
Butter Wrapping
Fully automatic filling and wrapping for butter,margarine,edible fats,fresh cheese and chocolate paste. Size flexibility range 50-500g .  Wrapping materials such as Parchment, aluminium laminated foil, plastic coated papers will run on the machine.
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